Purpose Space empowers "regular" people to lead extraordinary lives.  


You are taking on an unprecedented project: your life. 

Every moment you have a choice, to take on a project of becoming, of refining yourself and those you are with, or continuing to repeat old, stale sad habits that keep you living the same day over and over again.

You have not selected an easy path. But who wants easy? 

(We all do and the easiest path is the new path of becoming who you most deeply and truly are.)

You aren’t here because you want anyone else’s answers. But maybe you’re here because you’ve learned that no one else’s answers quite fit you, and you want to begin the journey to find your answers.

You don’t need anyone to tell you how to think or what you should do, but you also know that you can’t always do it all alone.

Sometimes, like all of us, you just need a nudge from someone who listens deeply and cares about your success, happiness, and progress.

That’s where Purpose Space comes in.


ash wylder is the founder of Purpose Space.

My first two loves were soccer and poetry. I grew up in a soccer player family, and I swear I learned to walk kicking a little black and white ball. Likewise, my family works in education, and poetry was my first introduction to emotional literature. As a very run and kick it -oriented kid, I realized that I could work out whatever feelings I couldn’t get out on the field on paper. 

In high school, these two worlds, soccer, and poetry, couldn’t feel more different. I teetered on a fragile bridge between two worlds of belonging. I chose to hide my poetry from my friends and cloaked myself inside “soccer player” identity, which shattered when I failed to make the varsity team my senior year. 


I had chosen to dismiss a deep part of my being to “belong” to a community. So when I lost soccer, I didn’t belong anywhere. 


After high school, I moved to a new state. In a creative writing class and on the soccer field, I found room for both of my loves. In that class, I realized the power of witnessing and workshopping: people shared their stories and received/got feedback. We all transformed in this process, the writers and the reviewers. Likewise, when someone shared their finalized piece, everyone has changed again. The person who finished their work (poem, story, play) and the people were receiving the art. 


I learned that connection didn’t need to be in person, and I committed to my identity as an artist. I realized I could be both an athlete and a poet.


In my mid 20’s, I worked with professional sports teams and individual athletes doing massage therapy. I was “successful” by cultural standards. I made enough money, but I longed for more. I was surface happy but unsatisfied. I asked myself a terrifying and life-changing question: how could I infuse the work I’m doing with the specific things that make me me, even when those things are always changing? 


Purpose Space was born. 


Purpose Space is a place that marries personal expression, our voices whether through movement, writing, art, and mainly through reflective, vulnerable sharing and deep listening, witnessing, and mindfulness.


In purpose space, we remember that voice is one form of breathwork, and there is a yoga, a union, in deep sharing and deep listening.

All of the areas of a person’s life, success and failures, fears, and victories are celebrated and given attention, intention, and focus. 

A community that makes us falsify any part of our wholeness is not a community of true belonging. People grow when we witness each other with non-judgment, sensitivity, curiosity, and patience. In some moments, patience is the highest form of love.

Our mission is to come together to create a completely accepting space where everyone facilitates another person’s purpose and shows up present and intentional in every area that is important so that we might make a difference and inspire others to live on their evolving terms. 


Purpose Space is a community of regular people supporting each other to lead extraordinary lives. Online, Purpose Space is a personal-development collective that enables people to discover more about who they are through reflection. Purpose Space is unique because we facilitate your self-knowledge and purpose through introspection and community relationships--the movement is out and inward at the same time. 

We are a support system for people committed to a lifetime of authenticity, discovery, and learning--learning about ourselves and others. 

Our community members have the space to explore their own inner needs and desires while being witnessed by others which transforms both the explorer and the witness. 

To recognize their unique path requires other people to realize the other’s truly unique approach. Sometimes these steps and breaths and actions are comfortable, and sometimes they are very, very challenging. Sometimes we step off the path, and we need help coming back.  

Purpose Space is also a life coaching program for persons who have a passion or a goal and just don’t know how to get there. 

  • Maybe that goal is business success. 
  • Maybe it’s more patience with your kids or spouse. 
  • Maybe it’s to have a significant impact with a community project that will shape the health, cleanliness, or future of discrimination in your town. 


The 5 Pillars of Purpose:

Purpose Space is a “come as you are” place. 

 And all the parts of you are welcome. :) 

Let's Work Together!