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Our Current Offering: The Shift Call with Ash Wylder 


A 90 min private call for heart-centered and purpose-motivated people that want to live a meaningful life and have a great time doing it. 

A Quick 3 Minute Intro
to the Shift Call.  :)



Do you want to be more aligned with your values?

Do you desire to connect more deeply with your family?


The focus of this call is to help you own your truth and live an authentic life.

On this call, we work on personal transformation through self-knowledge, witnessing, and life practices that support authentic expression and unapologetic freedom.

If you want to:

  • Implement daily habits that create balance in your busy schedule so you focus more on what's important to you...
  • Develop mindful strategies and make value-based decisions to find your balance and make a difference…
  • Invest your time and energy wisely to attain wellness and health while getting shit done. :) 



Amy Leslie

Down to Earth Chiropractic

“Ash has been such a great addition to my team! As a mother, business owner and wife, finding balance can be quite a challenge. Having her help me navigate it all has been life changing! I have been able to dive even further into value based decisions (both business and personal) to see more clearly where to input my energy. She helps pull out the power and confidence within me that sometimes I forget I have. Ash is one of those gentle badasses that uses grace and ease just as equally as she does the get up and go! Thanks ASH!”


  • Explore your relationships and how to show up more present and authentic with the people in your life. 
  • Discover how to uplevel your energy and ground yourself to be sincere without emotional or energetic drain.
  • Foster health and well-being through science-backed strategies that help you perform at a sustainable high level.


During this call, we use a holistic approach to human behavioral patterns to bring you closer to self-fulfillment, self-reliance, and presence.

After this call, you take aligned action from your authentic self moving you closer to the life you want to live on your own terms. The goal is to get you moving so that you are able to self-drive and stay congruent. 

This is an honest, non-judgemental conversation organized around bedrock principles learned by studying the world’s highest-performing people. 


You'll know what to do next: It will be an obvious choice. 




Founder of Small Actions Greater Good

"Finding a work-life balance is almost impossible when your “work” is an all-consuming passion project and personal mission to help change the world. Ash is a unique and amazing woman who understands the passion and drive of entrepreneurs and purpose-driven leaders. She has helped me take moments to breath and recharge, appreciate the journey I’m on, and focus my attention where most needed. She’s an amazing combination of a coach, cheerleader, and friend."



Private 90 min Shift Call Includes:

  • 5 immediately actionable strategies to boost your clarity, courage, and communication in the areas that are important to you.
  • Discover Your 3 Compass Words and learn how to use them to stay motivated and centered even when you feel overwhelmed and want to quit.
  • A science-backed formula for aligned action in every area with a highly qualified coach who desires to see you authentically succeed in the areas that are meaningful to you.
  • 90 Minutes of Safe Space to have a deep and honest conversation about ways to elevate your presence, purpose, productivity, mindset, energy, and joy.
  • Breakthroughs, Aha's, and Realizations about how to sustainably live from your best self even as life happens. 

Plus these incredible Bonuses


Pre-Session Workbook Valued at $96

You’ll use this Pre-Session Workbook to share your mission and obstacles with me, so we are both prepared to create lasting change during our 90 minutes together. (Many clients have breakthroughs from this workbook alone.)

Ash’s Notes Valued at $96

In-depth notes from our call so you walk away with a clear aligned-action plan.

Audio Replay Valued at $106

So you can revisit this call at any time, distraction-free. It’s always yours.  

The Shift Call is a unique strategy for personal fulfillment that is science-backed and immediately elevates your levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence.





Ignitus Wellness

"Ash is an unstoppable coach. She is doing the right thing before you want it to happen :) Like an expert surgeon, she will ask you contemplative question yet soothe you with humor which help you move forward. I love how she holds you accountable like you want it and celebrates with you. I recommend working with her."

Aaron Shori


“Deeply intuitive and caring, heart-centric, wise. Someone who understands how to transmute pain/broken-Nesss into precious resources for creative expression and strength. A crusader for the afflicted, one who confronts what is fearful.”


I'm ash wylder, founder of Purpose Space. I work with heart-centered, purpose-focused people who want to live into their potential, make a difference, and have a great time doing it.

My mission to empower people to show up fully engaged with a growth mindset in order to realize the best in every situation.

What a beautiful responsibility. :) 

Who are you?
How do you want to feel? 
Where are you going?

Tell me your story.
Let's make it happen.





If at the end of our 90 minute call, you decide that you would like more support and to continue working together, there are 3 ways we might do that. We are inextricably connected, and the best thing we can do for ourselves and each other is own our truths and live unapologetically aligned with who we are. 

After the Shift Call, you have a few options for continued guidance coaching. 


1 Session

Often 1 Session is all the energetic focus you need to launch the life you want or make the change you want to make. We work through your self-limiting beliefs and open up doors to new possibilities. 


4 Sessions

1 month of sessions for Clarity and Resolve to help you self-resource and transform for the next season of your life. We solidify the foundation for your bravery and you empower yourself to move forward in integrity.


12 Sessions 

3 Months of Heart Centered High Performance Guidance to shift the baseline momentum & presence you have in the areas that are important to you and the dreams you want to accomplish.


24 Sessions

6 months of Transformational Inner Work will give you the life you want,  while you attain confidence,  emotional freedom, and abundance. This is for the person who is committed to their dream and wants to live it their way.

+ Access to the amazing Purpose Space Online Community

Nukhba Khan

Founder of Project Happy Work Life

"I am a corporate ex-pat and now a full-time Mindset Coach. I moved out of the corporate world to create more time and financial freedom. But some habits like hustling non-stop, being always-on, and not having healthy boundaries were viciously ingrained in me. These habits would never allow me to achieve the time freedom I dreamed of as an entrepreneur. But then I was introduced to Ash! And she has literally opened up my eyes to a whole new world, where you can be super productive on your mission while having the time to look out for yourself.  She gives excellent advice on how to move through your roadblocks and show up as a strong and empowered leader. Ash also pushes you to think differently with deep questions and metaphors, which helps to quickly shift your perspective on your struggles. Ash has been a game-changer in my entrepreneurial journey, and you would be lucky to get a chance to work with her."


Your next level of growth is within your reach. 

It's possible.

You can create the world you want to. 

We are all so many things, so join us in Purpose Space for a Shift Call and move into the art of present living. 

Choose openness. 
Choose love.
Choose Yourself. 

We are so many things.

You are brave.

You can choose to keep doing what you're doing, or you can be witnessed and supported in the ways that you need to be to grow and create the world you want.




If you’re serious about investing in guidance but still have some questions, let’s hop on the phone for a free 20 minute Q&A Call so you can finally know if this is a good option for you.


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